Thursday, December 03, 2009

2010 Presidential Elections

To know the candidates more, watch Harapan: The Presidential Forum" Video Replay at or you can go directly to:


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Watch Filipino TV Shows Online For Free

This is my latest project. I've built a site where you can watch your favorite Filipino TV shows online. Just go to:

Enjoy watching :)

P.S. You can also go directly to Dahil May Isang Ikaw, if that happens to be your current favorite teleserye (cause it's my favorite as of now, hehe.)


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Theo's Progress

Theo doesn't have any problem with reading. But one of the most difficult things for me to make Theo do when he was not yet going to school was to practice writing. I didn't want his study sessions to become traumatic for him so when I sensed that he was already getting irritable, I stopped. At his young age, I preferred to encourage rather than discourage him. I was generous with praise when I see him form those letters with his Mongol, although I knew that he still needed a lot of practice to be able to write beautifully and evenly. But he easily gets tired and bored of repetitive tasks. So the tendency was to be satisfied with those uneven letters and not improve, simply because he did not like to practice.

In school, he couldn't get away with those uneven letters, practice seatwork exercises and more practice included in his assignments. Now he writes evenly and I'd say a hundred percent more beautiful than before, in barely a month. So, even if I sometimes feel that the school might be giving my baby a lot more than he could handle, eventually I am thankful that their style has been effective so far.


We are also developing some study habits and so far, a consistent schedule. Theo goes to school at 1:00pm. He usually wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30am, eats breakfast for an hour (sometimes longer -- hehe he's very slow especially during early morning. He's still lazy to eat by himself so I still have to feed him. If not, he won't eat hmp! That's because he prefers to do other things with his hands (like tinker with his toy cars, write, draw, pounce on the computer keyboard, etc) than to use them for eating. sigh. Anyways, he has a deadline. I told him he should be able to eat by himself before he turns 5!) At 9:30 he's already excited to take a look at his books and answer the exercises there. Sometimes he doesn't want to stop until we haven't reached the last page. lol. For some of the subjects, he has already finished all four chapters when in fact, they are still on the first. What I'm happy about is that he is having fun doing his lessons. Thank God for this attitude. I guess the one thing that he just didn't like was having to write the letters/numbers over and over again.

I check his quizzes and seatworks (and there are plenty ... too plenty for a nursery pupil hmmm) and I'm very happy and proud to see that he always gets perfect scores, except for spelling 'EARTH' without an E or maybe without an A. Well, he's got his weaknesses too ... and that's for drawing and coloring. Ever since, I knew that he was not very much interested in coloring because when I buy him coloring books, he didn't put much effort to finish a page or to color nicely. He'd rather remove the crayon wrappers or break the crayons and mix water color in a glass than use them on drawings. During his first two weeks in school, it seemed he always needed to overstay in class because he wasn't finishing his drawing and coloring activities on time. So, I gave him some pointers on how to hold his crayons properly and how to color faster. Then i also tried to make him practice coloring at home. I guess he followed my pointers because lately he's always one of the first to come out of the classroom.


One of the unique styles of Theo's school is an optional tutorial program. For just an additional P1,000.00 (plus a little more - can't remember the exact amount) a month, the students get to extend for 2 more hours of teaching/tutoring. This is considerably a lot cheaper than hiring a private tutor. The mothers whose kids are enrolled in this program say that there are more activities done during the 'tutorial' than during the regular class. Also, the kids do their homeworks there instead of bringing them home, so they could just play when they get home and don't need to think of their homework. Hmm. I'd say I'm quite skeptical to enroll him in that program. That means 2 more hours of free time for me but 2 more hours away from my baby and 2 hours less bonding time for us.

We enjoy studying together and it's fun for him when I watch him answer his book exercises. His confidence soars when I applaud him for his correct answers and he sees me grinning from ear to ear and feeling proud for his achievements. No, thanks. My four-year-old doesn't need to stay longer than what he does now. I'm not sure if enrolling him in the tutorial program will be more of an advantage or disadvantage for him. But I am sure that at his age, he still needs to be with his parents more. The 2 hours regular class plus almost 2 hours of studying in the morning with his Mama, I think is enough for now. CFA is right. Just let him play. Four hours of continuous serious studying in school might just make him grow tired easily. Besides, when I kid him that I'll enroll him in the program, he vehemently says NO! So, I won't pass on the responsibilty of helping him with his assignments to a tutor. I'm happy to keep that job :)

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why I Enrolled Theo In A Regular School

I have written an article here saying that I am convinced that Homeschooling is best for Theo. I still am. The problem is that when we attended a seminar at CFA for parents who plan to enroll their children in the homeschooling program, they were very strict with the age requirement, which should be 5 years old and above. Theo has just turned 4 so unfortunately, he is not yet qualified. They said we should just let Theo play. But i think, Theo is more than ready for school. Also, I feel a lot of time will be wasted if we just let one year pass by. Sure, I can still teach him. But as days pass by, I am getting concerned that he might start to think that life is just all playing. I worry that he might just get used to it that when it's time for him to start school/homeschooling, he will no longer be interested. At the same time, since my internet work is just starting to pick up, it's just right that the 'homeschooling' take a backseat for a while. I'm pretty sure that next year, my schedules and activities will be a lot more established already. CFA is also very strict about the parents who will be the ones to teach the children. They really have to be FULL-TIME (NO part-time whatsoever!) So, next year I have to make sure that my internet work doesn't interfere with our homeschooling sessions.

At Theo's school (the one he's enrolled at now), the headmaster (or was he the founder?) gave a very long, interesting and detailed talk about the school's policies, vision, mission and style during the orientation seminar for parents prior to the start of classes. After his talk, it gave me a feeling of assurance and relief that we have come to the right place. Before listening to him, I had a belief in my mind that there is no school or teacher who can equal the way a child's parents can teach him/her. But after listening to him, my mindset has somehow changed. I am now a bit more open to the possibility of letting other people take that responsibility of educating my son, simply because they are qualified. It's comforting to know that there is a school who can accommodate my child's educational needs aside from me.

So, we'll see after one year. If I am satisfied with the results and with Theo's progress, we might just let him continue to study there. Otherwise, we'll push through with the homeschooling program, especially if the pacing there is just too slow for Theo.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

First Goal Reached

When I made the decision to stay at home and take care of Theo, I also had in my mind, the vision of earning money with just my PC and an internet connection as my tools. My first target was to surpass my monthly income when I was still working as a regular employee.

I have now reached that goal, and am now enjoying the best of both worlds - taking care of my son full-time and earning decently through my new career as an internet freelancer. Yes, I take care of Theo "full-time" because I only work when he is asleep. My working hours are usually from 4-7AM. There are times when I work longer hours, which means sometimes staying up the whole night, but that is only when I am creating a new site or troubleshooting problems with an existing site. Then, I still keep myself awake during the day for Theo. It's really wonderful to work on something that I truly enjoy doing and at the same time make money out of it. (Click here to know more about how I earn through the internet.)

My next goal is to surpass the monthly income of a former colleague. Why? Well it's sort of a long story. You see, this former colleague was the one to whom I passed on my position when I resigned as a former junior officer in a government corporation. It is very significant to me since that was one of the biggest decisions that I have made in my life. Resigning from that company meant that I was sacrificing my career in exchange for a higher purpose. I told myself that I can only be sure that there really are no regrets on my part in making that decision if I would eventually earn the same amount as what this former colleague is earning now.

Based on my internet earning trend, I believe I'll be able to reach this goal very, very soon.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Chapter In Our Life

(Written June 30, 2009)

I have found time for writing new posts here. Since last week, and until the end of this school year, I will be accompanying Theo to school everyday and will have an extra 2 hours of freetime! Whoa! That's a lot of time for blogging, hehe, which is good because I get to fulfill my original purpose here - to record my precious moments as a mom. I have also decided to keep this blog free from "commercial" posts. So from now on, I will only really be writing about Theo, Bong, and myself ... just all personal stuff here! My other blogs will take care of the earnings, hehe.

(Written June 29, 2009)

I've always called him Thiel in this blog but actually, we used to call him Thiel-Thiel. I think I have already mentioned before that Thiel is short for 'TH'eo [PLUS] ar'IEL'. Times are changing and through the years, the way we call him also changes. We sometimes call him Agu because "ah-goo" was the first word that he spoke. There was a time when we had to call him Stuart because that was the only name that he wanted - that's because he got very fond of Stuart Little, the mouse. There is also a a time when he only wants to be called Cat or Mr. Cat - simply because he loves cats. He always didn't like to be called by his real name, Theo. I don't know why, but my guess was, he just liked to be called by a pet's name like mouse, cat or puppy. So, it was hard to convince him to use his real name. But when he got fond of watching the Chipmunks, I took that opportunity to make him get used to be called "Theo/Theodore" since one of the chipmunks' name was Theodore.

Now, we call him Theo. Our relatives call him Theo. His teachers call him Theo or sometimes, Theo Ariel (he happens to have a namesake among his very few boy classmates.) Only friends from our place in Quezon City still call him Thiel/Thiel-Thiel. So from hereon, I'll be referring to my son in this blog as Theo (pronounced as thee-yow).

(Written June 29, 2009)

Last May 15, it was Theo Ariel's fourth year here on earth. We had a simple birthday party at Jollibee West Avenue, the same place where we held his very first birthday. Unlike his first birthday, Theo enjoyed a lot during the party! He was dressed up in a Superman costume (we just wanted him to stand out as the celebrant and to follow the 'justice league' party theme). He joined the games and was very comfortable with Jollibee, the mascot (he got scared of the mascot and cried during his 1st birthday lol). Thanks to our close friends and relatives who attended the party. Some of them even came from Novaliches, Bulacan and Paranaque but they took the time just to celebrate Theo's special day. Special thanks goes to Theo's Ninang Irene and Ate Roneen for these wonderful photos.

(Written June 29, 2009)

We officially moved to Calumpit, Bulacan last May 23, 2009. Praise God. We now have a safer place for Theo, fresher air, a more convenient house (no more second floor but a lot more spacious), a bigger play-ground and everyday is like a trip to the park because of the wonderful sceneries arround us. We also don't feel like being all alone in an island anymore because three of Bong's siblings and their families are now our neighbors. We're also now nearer to my relatives, both on my mom's and dad's side (Mommy hails from Plaridel, Bulacan while Daddy is from San Simon, Pampanga.) I feel good and blessed with our new home. I believe this is one of the best decisions that we have ever made in our entire family life.

(Written June 26, 2009)

It's Theo's second day at school. I'm here with his Papa in the car parked outside the school. It seems that starting today they are no longer allowing parents to wait inside the school premises. (Shouldn't they just have a waiting area inside? What if it rains? Well it's awfully hot now and I see some parents/yayas/etc. sitting on monoblock chairs just outside the gate.) Anyways, yesterday, first day of nursery school, it was different. The monoblock chairs were lined up along the corridors and I managed to let my bionic ears pick up some sounds coming from Theo's classroom. So I heard it when the teacher was calling his name to answer some questions. And my ears were clapping when I knew that he answered correctly. I also heard it when the teacher asked the whole class to clap for him after he was able to answer a series of questions - actually about the alphabet, like I think the teacher was pointing to a letter and he's supposed to identify what letter it was. Of course that's too easy for him cause he's already able to read even long words. I hope all his lessons won't be that easy or I'll be worried he might get bored. After class, my baby boy was smiling at me from ear to ear. He asked me to accompany him to the washroom to relieve himself. Inside, we saw one of his teachers who said, "hey, Theo, you were very good today, huh!" Wow, that was nice. Not bad for a first timer.

Oh, I almost forgot. Theo was a few minutes late yesterday because when we were about to leave home, Theo had to (excuse me) poop. He's been having LBM since three days ago. Good thing, he's recovering. When he got inside the classroom, there was this boy who had been crying because he wanted to go to his Lola (his guardian) who was sitting with us outside the room. If i'm not mistaken, around 75% of the time, he was crying .. very, very loudly. It's kind of annoying because i think he's distracting the whole class. What was very surprising was the fact that this boy even attended summer classes so he should have already been prepared by now. I'm just too happy that my little boy seems to be acting very maturely. He doesn't look like a first-timer at all.

Halfway through class (their schedule is 1-3pm), a school staff approached to ask me for Theo's hanky. I told her it's with him, but apparently Theo misplaced it somewhere. I asked her what for and she said Theo's face is full of chocolate. (Haha, he had Cream-O for breaktime). So I just gave her my pack of baby wipes. When I saw him after class, it seems not only his face was smeared with chocolate but also his polo shirt!

Very funny. I asked Theo about his classmates - how many were girls and how many were boys, and his answer was: "Mama, plenty of girls there!" with matching chuckle. Hehe.

(Back to present ... ) I just glanced at the direction of the other guardians and it seems they have been allowed to wait inside after all. I wonder what happened to the crying boy. I better take a peek inside and see what's going on. Maybe i can also grab some snacks in their mini-canteen .. didn't have time to eat lunch.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Videos To Teach Your Toddlers How To Read And Write The Alphabet

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Teleserye Suitable For Kids

I strongly recommend May Bukas Pa, an abs-cbn teleserye about a boy who was abandoned in a cemetery when he was still a baby, raised by the priests in a monastery and gets to converse personally with Bro/Jesus Christ. He was later used by the Lord to heal the sick and make miracles for the purpose of converting sinners and spreading goodness.

This show presents a lot of good values and moral/spiritual lessons that our kids (and all of us) can learn from. My Thiel loves Santino and Bro and in just a short time, has already been influenced (in a good way) by May Bukas Pa. It is actually the only Tagalog show that I am confident of letting him watch.

May Bukas Pa is aired on abs-cbn channel 2 every weeknights at 7:30 PM right after TV Patrol.

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Busy Me

It's obvious. Since I have not posted for quite a while, yeah, I've been busy. Or I might have shifted priorities ... again. Well, I have always been blogging, but again, I'm usually posting to my "other" blogs which, currently, are my 'bread and butter'

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post here. What I do want to say is that we're doing quite well so far, praise God. Everything's going great!

We're planning to enroll Thiel this coming school year but not in a regular school. So far, I'm convinced that homeschooling is good for him. We still have to attend a seminar regarding this but I'm almost 100% sure that it's the path we're going to take as far as Thiel's elementary education is concerned. This may help explain why.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy Shopping For Busy Moms Like Me

Shopwiki Toys - Tow TruckWhen I was still a full-time regular working mom doing a 9-hour office routine, I used to think that when I finally get to settle down as a stay-at-home mom, I can probably have more time. Aside from having more time for my son (which is actually the main thing), I thought, as a bonus, I can also have more time for myself and for the things I love doing like going to malls, etc. Well, I guess I was somehow wrong because I'm still as busy as ever. :( The time that I used to spend in the office has now been replaced by household chores and work on the internet. No, I'm not complaining. Being with my son all day long is still the best choice and it's been heaven ever since.

As for 'malling', well, although I still get to do that once in a while, I've found a more convenient way of "window shopping" right inside the comforts of our home. And what would a mom of a 3-year-old usually shop for? Of course, things for babies and toddlers! Shopwiki's Babies and Toddler Products Buying Guide is simply an excellent alternative to the hustle and bustle of physically going through toy stores, bookstores and clothing stores hundreds of meters apart with a super-duper-hyper Thiel in tow.

You see, Shopwiki has this search feature that is much like how Google functions and more. This means that search results would return everything that's for sale on the internet and not only those stores that have paid for advertisement, which is what usually happens on other traditional shopping sites. What's more is that aside from the stores, Shopwiki even gives very helpful buying tips. Just take a look at their Toddler Clothing Buying Guide . Those tips are already freebies which make internet browsing/shopping a wonderful and valuable experience.

Under Toys and Games Buying Guide, I tried to search for Thiel's favorite toy and typed "tow truck" on the search box. It returned several items but one that, I'm sure, will get Thiel very interested is the "Tow Truck Game". It was so easy to choose from 8 different stores with different prices for exactly the same product. Of course who wouldn't choose the cheapest and it's only worth $6.99 while others sell it for $7.99, $8.48 and $9.99. Wow, talk about convenience!

Well, that's it for my latest online discovery. Just sharing it with busy moms like me ;)

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